Introducing Vicprop Live

At VICPROP, we understand that property presentation is key, and our listings are carefully crafted to best showcase each home. Our impeccable attention to detail and our personalised service mean that we treat each property, each landlord and each tenant with care.

We are excited to inform you that we launched a new, more convenient operating system, specifically designed to streamline and simplify the way we communicate with each other.

Key Features

> Streamlines the way that you receive real-time information
> An App available on both iPhone and Android devices
> Allows 24-hour access to your property information including rent reviews, lease and rent information
> Capacity to view and download statements including financial year statements
> Sends real-time payment and statement notifications
> Accesses all your past routine inspection reports including photos
> Gives you the freedom to download invoices
> Provides a new and easy method of contacting your agent


App Description

Owners can access all their property data and keep up-to-date with financials, invoices, statements, payments, inspections and maintenance. Everything that relates to an owner’s property is on their phone, easily stored and ready to view and update.

Tenants have instant access to their property’s details with real-time, built-in notifications when important information like rent is due, an inspection is approaching or a lease is up for renewal.

Both owners and tenants will be able to directly contact their property managing agent 24/7.


As a property market leader, VICPROP prides itself on innovation, providing our clients with the most effective, professional and up-to-date service in the industry. Rolling out the VICPROP Live operating system and app is a natural extension of this.

If you have any queries about VICPROP Live or would like to learn more about the most efficient way of using this valuable and innovative piece of software, please get in touch with

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Introducing Vicprop Live