Thinking of Selling Your Home in the New Year?

The beginning of the year is generally considered as the premier selling time, as new buyers enter the market looking for their ideal properties.

Therefore, if you list in early January with us, you will be jumping ahead of other people and attracting some keen buyers who are actively looking for properties in the market place, as well as playing a more competitive role in the market place.

Where the action really heats up is the end of January (after the Australia Day). As everyone officially returns from holidays, potential buyers are eager to purchase due to a lack of houses.

It is also important to think about what other market conditions could impact the sales, including politics, economic, technology and the nature, which will make a huge impact on the result of your marketing campaign.

So why not catch this winning season and grab the exclusive opportunity?

As the most liveable city, Melbourne is blessed with natural good weather and the diverse and multi-layered culture, which allows us to help you transact without the frustrations of other states.

At VICPROP, we are building on our experience of providing outstanding property-related solutions to customers, striving to achieve our goals to deliver most strategic and successful real estate services.

If you are thinking to sell your home in 2019 and looking for the best solution, we are here to help you.

For any queries or you would like to request a free property appraisal, please contact us on 03 9602 1699, or email us at

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Thinking of Selling Your Home in the New Year?