Janssen Xiang

Director - KEW Office

A little about me

Born in China, Janssen lived in Malaysia for 4 years before migrating to Australia 10 years ago, where he discovered real estate is his passion and his livelihood. Due to his strong work ethic and ongoing commitment to be the best, Janssen has quite simply become one of the most highly regarded and respected real estate agents in Melbourne.

There are substantial differences that distinguishes Janssen from his peers. First is his unique ability to communicate with Asian buyers and speak their languages strengthens his ability to reach successful outcomes. He also has a great understanding of Asian culture, especially when comes to perceptive negotiation.

Janssen’s clientele base is considerable and many Asian buyers specifically seek him out to assist them in their business through word of mouth or by simply by recognising his surname. He is energetic, enthusiastic and has the ability to relate to a diverse range of people: first home buyers, investors, family buyers and developers. Further to this, his work ethic enables him to be available to his clients 7 days a week.


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1143 Burke Road
Kew VIC 3101